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Amendment to the National Register Nomination of the Jackson Barracks Historic District

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • Location:New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Completed: Ongoing (as of 9/6/11)

This project is pursuant to FEMA’s Public Assistance to Jackson Barracks via the State of Louisiana, Division of Administration, Facility Planning and Control, which adverse effects to historic properties which have been resolved per 36CFR§800.6 and captured in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with local grantees. In fulfillment of one of the stipulations of the MOA requires FEMA has committed to revise the 1976 National Register nomination for the Jackson Barracks Historic District.

The MOA regarding the demolition and replacement of numerous buildings at Jackson Barracks requires FEMA to update the information on the condition of the National Register Historic District (NRHD) by revising the text for the appropriate sections of the 1976 National Register nomination to identify and describe the surviving contributing structures (exterior and interior) and the non-contributing structures (exterior only), setting and grounds to include any significant landscape features, and the boundaries of the historic district. The revision includes a brief description, organized by important timeframes at Jackson Barracks, of significant buildings or groups of buildings that are no longer extant. The revisions included a description of archaeological sites. A revised count and identification of contributing and non-contributing properties was completed with an associated sketch map. Information from the short narrative history that accompany the photographs documenting the 50-series building and data from the archaeological investigations required by this MOA were also included in the revised National Register nomination. Additional section revisions were completed to reflect the physical changes to the NRHD since the 1976 nomination. The revised nomination addressed the effect, if any, the demolition of buildings damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and other demolitions and new construction, and the archaeological identification and evaluation efforts have had on the NRHD, particularly its period of significance.

Specific tasks included in this effort include the following:

Background Research
Extensive background research has been conducted in support of this effort, including an examination of the records on file at the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation, Louisiana National Guard Jackson Barracks Military Library, Louisiana Department of Facilities and Control, University of New Orleans’ Louisiana and Special Collections, New Orleans Public Library, Historic New Orleans Collection,, National Archives, US Department of Defense, property records, historic maps, and archive research.

Field documentation of the approximately 90 surviving contributing and non-contributing buildings. The exteriors and interiors of contributing buildings were documented, and the exteriors of non-contributing buildings were documented.

Nomination Updates
Numerous versions of the draft and final Amendment to the National Register Nomination are included in this effort. All will be completed pursuant to input and review by FEMA and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The final nomination will be submitted to the State Review Board as determined by FEMA in consultation with the SHPO’s National Register Coordinator.

State Review Board Meeting
Attendance and participation in the State Review Board meeting (in Baton Rouge, LA) to consider the Amendment to the National Register Nomination.

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