Trigon Associates, llc

Barriere Road / Medal of Honor Park Drainage Improvements

Trigon is the prime engineer for this project, which includes the design of various drainage improvements at the Barriere Road Retention Pond, adjacent to the Medal of Honor Park and just on the protected side of the Intracoastal Canal levee. These improvements are intended to increase drainage capacity and better accommodate wet weather conditions.

The retention pond is approximately 2 acres in size and receives storm water from an adjacent residential area as well as nearby commercial and industrial areas. The pond is also connected to a large drainage canal via two large culverts under Barriere Road that have control gates on the canal side. These gates allow water to move between the pond and the canal. An existing small pumping station allows water to be pumped out of the retention pond and into the Intracoastal Canal.

Trigon is performing all professional services for the engineering and design of improvements at this location, including bid support and construction phase services. The improvements generally consist of:

  • A new drainage pumping station that accommodates existing Parish-owned pumps decommissioned from other locations.
  • Three new discharge pipes from the pumping station into the Intracoastal Canal, which cross a federal levee.
  • Improvements to the retention pond, including a new bar screen and modifications to the suction basin for the pumping station.
  • Repairs to damaged control gates on the culverts between the pond and the adjacent drainage canal.

The crossing of the federal levee requires design in accordance with all USACE and US Coast Guard permitting requirements. Provisions are being incorporated into the design to ensure stability of the levee.

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