Trigon Associates, llc

Braithwaite Wastewater Treatment Plant and Lift Station Improvements

Plaquemines Parish Government

  • Location: Braithwaite, Louisiana
  • Completed: Ongoing
  • Trigon is providing engineering, design and construction services on this project, which generally includes rehabilitating an existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the Braithwaite area of Plaquemines Parish.

    The Braithwaite WWTP received significant damage as a result of Hurricane Katrina and was totally submerged under brackish water for an extended period of time. Immediate emergency measures were performed at the WWTP to allow it to provide partial service. Efforts now are focused on long-term measures to completely replace the plant.

    In addition to improvements for the process facilities of the WWTP, evaluation of an influent pump station and effluent pump station were included. Both are submersible stations. During rehabilitation of the WWTP, flow will be temporarily diverted to another treatment plant.

    This disaster recovery work is being partially funded through, and requires close coordination with, the US Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA).

    General services provided by Trigon consist of:

    • Inspecting/assessing WWTP and pump stations, including all facilities, equipment and the site
    • Developing improvement recommendations
    • Preparation of construction contract documents
    • Preparation of cost estimate
    • Bid/award phase services
    • Construction phase services
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