Trigon Associates, llc

Cross Bayou and Schexnayder Drainage Pump Stations

BLD Services, LLC

  • Location: St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
  • Completed: 2011

Trigon provided engineering services to the construction contractor during the pre-construction and construction phases of these two (2) projects.

Cross Bayou Drainage Pump Station
Consisted of the construction of a new six-pump drainage pump station with a total capacity of 1,300 cubic feet per second. The project generally included a large pile-supported foundation, multi-story building structure, pumps and engines, integrated intake structure, suction and discharge basins, discharge piping, bar screens and cleaners, diesel oil storage tanks, utilities, electrical and controls systems, power generation and distribution, pilings, site work, levee T-wall, approach roadway and drive, and other ancillary work.

The site is located on the Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Protection Levee at Cross Bayou Canal near Ormond in St. Charles Parish. The project was performed for the Pontchartrain Levee District and is part of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s Statewide Flood Control Program. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was also a key stakeholder in this project.

Schexnayder Drainage Pump Station Improvements
Improvements at an existing drainage station in the New Sarpy area of St. Charles Parish. Included the installation of a pre-fabricated bridge deck and four (4) new trash screen cleaners. The deck and screen cleaners were installed on a foundation that consists of approximately 30 precast concrete piles and pile caps. The work also included the installation of new steel sheet pile walls around the perimeter of the new deck and sheet pile wing walls at the influent for the New Sarpy Mid West Canal.

Approximately 700 feet of wooden bulkhead was constructed along the New Sarpy Mid Canal, which also feeds the station. A temporary access road was built to facilitate construction of the project, and a concrete approach slab, perimeter fencing and gates were included. Site work included reshaping and grading of the site.

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