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Qabatya Road Assessment

United States Agency for International Development

  • Location: West Bank, Palestine
  • Completed: Ongoing

In conformance with a USAID request, an assessment study, including physical examination and laboratory testing, for Qabatya-Alzababdah-Tubas Road in the northern West Bank is being conducted.

The road was constructed under an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC), and the design and construction management was provided by A&E firm under a previous contract. The road construction was completed in September 2010.

The project under this task order is comprised of three road segments. Segment 1 is 6.7 km and has three (3) major problems that need to be addressed: asphalt quality, longitudinal cracks and weak structure of some of the road segments as evidenced by differential settlement and patching.

The intent of the study is to evaluate the three (3) major problems witnessed in different sections of Segment 1 of Qabatya-Alzababdeh-Alkufeir-Tubas Road at the stated locations, define and analyze causes, and provide appropriate recommendations to remedy these defects.

The services to be provided under this study include the review and analysis of the road design report, design drawings and as-built drawings for Segment 1 of the road, and provide an engineering report addressing the adequacy of the design. Specific attention is to be paid to the deficient locations based on physical inspections and directions from USAID. Based on the review of the design report, laboratory and field tests, a detailed Probable Root Cause Analysis Report for the deficient locations is to be provided, including recommended remedial actions.

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