Trigon Associates, llc

Water Line Replacement Program – Lakeview Neighborhood, Groups 1 and 2

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Completed: Ongoing

Trigon is serving as the prime consultant for engineering, design and construction phase services for water line improvements in the Lakeview neighborhood of the City. The improvements in this area are grouped in two (2) separate design and construction projects (Groups 1 and 2).

The purpose of this project is to replace water lines on the East Bank of the City damaged as a result of floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina. Eligible water lines for replacement are determined based upon a FEMA and S&WB-developed pipe evaluation criteria that includes water leak history, among other items. The resulting water line replacements have to be coordinated with the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works’ Street Restoration Program; the Department of Transportation’s Submerged Roads Program; ongoing S&WB projects for water point repairs, sewer repairs and replacement; and other relevant stakeholders’ projects.

Design of water line replacements generally includes:

  • Preparation of preliminary design docs (30%)
  • Final design plans and specifications (90%)
  • Construction contract documents for bidding
  • Opinion of probable construction cost
  • Obtain permits/approvals
  • Bid phase services

In some cases, design also includes street repair and restoration efforts, replacement of drainage and sewer systems in accordance with City, Federal DOT and S&WB standards.

SW&B-RplPrgm-02During construction of the improvements designed within these two (2) areas, Trigon is also providing engineering and construction inspection services to include:

  • Water line installation and disinfection, water line breaks associated with paving, etc.
  •  Respond to requests for information
  • Review of submittals and shop drawings
  • Verify quantities in all invoices
  • Public notification
  • Coordination with S&WB valve crews
  • Maintenance of traffic

Approximately $5.5M to $7.5M of water line construction is anticipated within Lakeview Groups 1 and 2. Construction is currently ongoing with Group 1 and design is pending for Group 2.

Trigon is also acting as a representative of the S&WB on other City projects located within the assigned areas.

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