Trigon Associates, llc

Drainage Master Plan

City of New Orleans
Department of Public Works

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Completed: 2010

Trigon was a subconsultant for this project.  The Drainage Master Plan (DMP) for the City of New Orleans consisted of the evaluation of the existing surface and street sub-surface drainage system maintained by the Department of Public Works (DPW), including ditches, catch basins and drainage pipes up to 36 inches in diameter, the development of a drainage system hydraulic computer model to assist in the determination of the existing pipe capacity, and the development of capital improvement recommendations.

The DMP identified facilities which were unable to convey peak dry or wet weather design flows under existing and future conditions to reduce flood risk.  A structural assessment was conducted as part of the master plan to identify critical facilities that required structure rehabilitation or replacement.

05AMain tasks / components of the DMP included:

  • building and calibrating a hydraulic model,
  • assessing the hydraulic capacity of the system,
  • assessing physical condition,
  • reviewing regulatory requirements for storm water,
  • establishing design standards and guidelines,
  • developing a maintenance program,
  • performing an economic rate study, and developing a capital improvement plan.
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