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Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office Recovery Program

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Project Cost: $200M
  • Completed: Ongoing

This program, valued at over $200M, generally consists of the recovery of buildings and facilities within the Orleans Parish Prison complex operated by the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office (OPCSO). Many of the facilities within the prison were damaged as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The OPCSO retained a company to serve as their program/construction manager for this work, which includes portions of an overall Justice Facilities Master Plan developed after Hurricane Katrina.03A

The program manager’s role is to supplement existing OPCSO staff and to consult with and advise the OPCSO by providing the oversight, consulting management, administrative and project management and resident inspection services in connection with the rehabilitation, repair, restoration, replacement and hazard mitigation of the infrastructure and public facilities damaged following Hurricane Katrina, including the design and construction of certain projects for the OPCSO Recovery Program.

Trigon currently served as a subconsultant to the program manager and provided various services in connection with the overall management of the program and implementation of individual component projects. This included coordination with FEMA and State representatives regarding Project Worksheets and funding as well as staff extension services.

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