Trigon Associates, llc

USACE New Orleans District Flood Protection Project and Construction

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Location: Louisiana

Project Description

Trigon served as a sub-consultant to the program management team for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District Protection Restoration Office (PRO).

Trigon staff provided various services, including project controls, project management and construction management services for projects within the PRO that were in design and construction.

This work includes levee, floodwall and other drainage and flood protection Civil Works projects within the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System in Orleans (on the West Bank), Jefferson and St. Charles Parishes.

A sample of specific projects include:

CROSS BAYOU, ST. ROSE, ALMEDIA/WALKER DRAINAGE STRUCTURE PROJECTS, ST. CHARLES PARISH, LA. Projects consist of moving drainage structures floodside of existing protection, as existing structures are deficient in elevation, stability and scour protection (based on new design standards).

2ASOUTHEAST LOUISIANA FLOOD CONTROL PROGRAM, ORLEANS PARISH, LA. Projects in Orleans Parish consist of improvements to 12 major drainage canals, providing additional pumping capacity at two drainage pumping stations, and adding a new drainage pumping station.

LAKEFRONT LEVEE PROJECTS, JEFFERSON PARISH, LA.  Provide project management services for the Reach 1 – Reach 5 Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity projects. Phase 1 projects bring existing levees to authorized levels of protection, while Phase 2 projects raise levees built to authorized levels of protection to 100-year protection levels.

PUMP STATION BREAKWATERS, JEFFERSON PARISH, LA. Composed of two contracts to provide breakwaters north of the outfall channels of the Bonnabel and Duncan Drainage Pumping Stations to protect the channels and pump stations from wave action.

ST. CHARLES PARISH LEVEE PROJECTS (REACHES 1A, 1B, 2A AND 2B), ST. CHARLES PARISH, LA. Phase 1 projects will bring existing levees to authorized levels of protection, and Phase 2 projects will raise levees to 100-year protection levels. Raising the levee elevations on these projects consists of both adding progressive lifts on top of existing levees or degrading existing levees and rebuilding new ones on the same footprint with greater slopes.

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