Trigon Associates, llc

Engineers Road/Cazalard Road Drainage Improvements

Plaquemines Parish Government

  • Location: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
  • Project Cost: $2M
  • Completed: 2013

Trigon is the prime engineer for study, engineering, design & construction services for $2M of Hazard Mitigation drainage work.

Consists of evaluating a 100+ acre drainage basin – multiple open canals and ditches (approximately 3,000 LF), culvert crossings of major roadways and railroads, subsurface drainage, and a temporary pump station. Included necessary surveying and data collection, a hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) study, identification of improvements, preparation of a preliminary cost estimate, and preliminary and final engineering design services.

Improvements generally include:

  •  Replace surface and subsurface system (inlets, catch basins, pipes) along two residential/commercial streets.
  • Construct weir/overflow structure, new concrete channel and box culvert, suction basin and 60 cfs pump station with Parish-owned submersible pumps.
  • Clean numerous culverts clogged with debris.
  • Clean/re-grade multiple earthen ditches and canals.
  • Install new 54-inch culvert under major roadway via trenchless method.
  • Replace multiple culverts from 18 to 72 inches in size.
  • Replace failing steel sheet pile wall with new structure.
  • Install multiple box culverts, 6’ x 6’ to 10’ x 6’ in size.

Services provided as part of this project include:

  • Study & Assessment—H&H study to assess existing hydraulic capacity, identify corrective measures to handle 10-, 25-, 50- and 100-year storm events, and prepared a report summarizing results and conceptual-level cost estimates.
  • Preliminary Design—refinement of remedial measures, construction contract packaging, development of a Preliminary Design Report, and refined cost estimates.
  • Final Design—preparation of detailed plans, specifications and cost estimates.
  • Bid Phase Services—advertisement of contract, pre-bid conference, addenda preparation, bid tabulation and award recommendation.
  • Engineering Services During Construction—review of submittals/shop drawings and responding to contractor requests for information and clarifications.
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