Trigon Associates, llc

International Development

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contracts

Trigon was awarded an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract for Global Architect-Engineer (A-E) services with USAID. This five-year, multiple-award contract had a maximum value of $600 million. It was administered by USAID, a U.S. foreign assistance program providing economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Trigon provided A-E services including assessments, design, project management, construction supervision, and a range of related technical services to develop vitally important infrastructure in developing countries. Trigon supported USAID in providing these services on both short and long-term assignments for infrastructure projects involving water resources, water supply, wastewater, utilities, environmental, transportation, facilities, and others.

In addition to being a Small Business IDIQ holder, Trigon was also on the CH2M team for the global A-E IDIQ.

USAID procured services through this IDIQ without any special justification, for projects of any size. Directly placing Task Orders to a small business such as Trigon has many advantages for Contract Officers and for Contract Officer Technical Representatives, including:

  • Because the IDIQ was already awarded, vetting and due diligence on the contractors has been performed, and fair and competitive prices are also assured.
  • In addition, because the IDIQ contract was already in place and no further competitive procurement process is needed for direct placement of a Task Order, the process of initiating a project could happen quickly and more cost-effectively for USAID and its missions, without any excessive demands on Contract Officer resources.
  • Direct placement of work to small businesses helps USAID to meet the Agency’s policy objectives of allocating a fair share of work to small businesses.
  • Direct placement enables USAID to build its portfolio of qualified small businesses which may ultimately grow and compete against larger firms, enhancing competitive options for USAID.
  • Small business selected for direct placement are able to focus resources on project development instead of on the preparation of another competitive bid.

Infrastructure Needs Program (INP II)

From 2010-2018, Trigon served as a major partner on the Infrastructure Needs Program Phase II (INP II) for USAID West Bank/Gaza Mission.  This project included a wide range of efforts and project types revolving around infrastructure projects as well as the many cross-cutting services that are typical of USAID projects/programs. The primary goal of the INP II was to provide increased access for Palestinians to improved public infrastructure, thereby providing a critical foundation to support an independent and viable Palestinian state.

Besides Trigon holding many of the key program management-level positions on the INP II, this program demonstrated Trigon’s ability to quickly assemble and mobilize technical assistance teams, procure necessary and appropriate materials, equipment and resources and manage these efforts successfully.  At its peak, Trigon had 40 staff members “on the ground” in Palestine, with almost all of those being native locals who were recruited and hired within a very short period of time. This type of local engagement promotes sustainability and supports efforts like these in moving forward and accomplishing its goals.  Our staff have typically managed between 10 and 20 individual projects concurrently, most valued between $500K and $10M. A sampling of projects completed under INP II include: